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According to editor John Atkinson, “Whatever the medium via which audiophiles choose to enjoy their music — be it two-channel or surround-sound,CD, SACD, DVD-A, MP3, LP or whatever — you will be able to read about it and how to get the best from it in Stereophile."

Thousands of equipment reports going back over 40 years are available on the web site, sorted by product category. The home page is also updated daily with blog posts, music opinion, show reports, news, and other features of interest to audiophiles.

Editor: Jim Austin

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More than ever before, todays music and media listeners are taking their entertainment with them as they navigate through their busy day. Enabled, but also buried in an avalanche of new devices, software, and services to remain connected while on the move, consumers need a place to turn for honest and accurate product performance advice and information. InnerFidelity is that place.

InnerFidelity primarily focusses on bringing to light the best headphones available with in-depth product reviews including both subjective and objective evaluation. Also reviewed are headphone amplifiers, iPod docks, laptop speakers, streaming audio services, and the myriad other products that would fall under the category "Personal Audio." Related news, trade shows, and of course some music recommendations are also included.

Editor: Rafe Arnott

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Vinyl was thought dead and gone but AnalogPlanet's Michael Fremer always knew better. No one suspected that a turntable manufacturer like Rega, founded in the pre-CD era, would sell more turntables in 2011 than ever in its history.

AnalogPlanet.com will cover all things analog from the music and records to the hardware. The site is brand new now, but already there is more than a decade’s worth of content posted from musicangle.com and from The Tracking Angle, the print magazine that preceded it during the 1990s. Also already up are analog equipment reviews that originally appeared in Stereophile.

According to Michael: "Over the twenty five plus years I’ve been doing this and imploring readers to buy a turntable and enjoy listening to records, I’ve never gotten an email or letter along the lines of 'Dear Mikey: I took the plunge and bought a turntable. What a waste of money. Records sound terrible. You’re nuts.'"

Editor: Michael Fremer

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Capturing the state of Computer Audio is like trying to describe a river with a bucket of water, to paraphrase Alan Watts. Computer Audio is in flux, evolving as we speak. Computer-based hi-fi offers some of the finest seats in your home for the enjoyment of music— today.

AudioStream’s mission is to dive in without getting carried away by the endless flow of technology. Our main focus lies in identifying those products and services that simply let us play and enjoy our music just as we’ve been doing for over a century combined with a heretofore unimagined ease of distribution and a near-endless potential for musical discovery.

AudioStream will provide a clear path and guide through each branch of the Computer Audio journey without losing sight of the final destination— the enjoyment of music.

Whether you are looking to enhance and optimize music playback from your computer, move to a purpose-built music server or streamer, or distribute music throughout your home with our without wires, AudioStream offers a critical view into a rapidly expanding world of solutions.

Editor: Rafe Arnott

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Once the lights go down and the movie starts, the engagement and emotion created by a home theater is universal: it knows no minimum screen size, no required number of speakers, no optimal budget which must be spent. SoundandVision.com spreads the gospel of that home theater experience and gives everyone—from the everyday shopper to the hardcore enthusiast—the information and tools they need to put those pieces in place to their own satisfaction, get them working at their best, and press Play.

The web site features hundreds of equipment reports, sorted by product category, covering everything of interest to the home theater shopper. The home page is also updated daily with blog posts, Ask SV, How To guides, show reports, news, and other features for home theater enthusiasts.

Editor: Al Griffin

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www.shutterbug.com provides an ongoing community experience for Shutterbug readers and all those who are interested in photography and digital imaging. Each day the site is refreshed with news items, press releases and technological updates. The site is wide-ranging, and includes a complete searchable archive of Shutterbug articles (dating back to 1999), recent additions from the pages of Shutterbug magazine, comprehensive how-to articles for advanced, pro and even beginner photographers, searchable reviews organized by product category (lighting, lenses, cameras, etc.) and numerous resources for photographers.

Interactivity is also key to the Shutterbug site. The Shutterbug Forums have proven tremendously popular, with a wide range of topics as well as providing direct contact with Shutterbug writers and contributors. Our Gallery section encourages active participation in uploading, sharing, commenting, and rating images among site visitors. The Vote section is like an online Focus Group that raises issues of interest to photographers and includes visitor feedback on a wide range of topics. And our new Co-Op links give visitors “one click” links to demo software downloads, tutorials and other items of interest available on vendor and manufacturer web sites.

Editor: Dan Havlik

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