The Home Tech Network has been renamed AVTech Media Americas, and comprises the U.S. audio, video and photography brands for MyTimeMedia.

Our readers are upscale men, women and families interested in cutting-edge imaging, technology and the world of hi-fi. They rely on AVTech Media Americas for the latest in photography, audio, video, headphones, computer audio, surround sound, movies, music, and everything needed to create a complete entertainment experience.

We Are The Sights And Sounds For Today's Technology Consumer

Brands include Stereophile, Sound & Vision, Shutterbug, InnerFidelity, AudioStream, AnalogPlanet and Photographic. Each of these titles features a roster of industry-leading editors, writers, and production staff.

Stereophile, Shutterbug, Sound & Vision and Photographic are offered as both print and iPad-ready subscriptions, and all brands have their own websites. We also publish annual Buyer's Guides and special issues.


Keith Pray
Publisher, Audio & Video and Photography Brands

Keith came to us 12 years ago from the Audio/Video trades and has worked with both Stereophile and Sound & Vision as well as various online properties. Keith was promoted to Associate publisher back in 2005 and in 2008 became publisher, overseeing all of the AV titles in the Home Tech Network. Over the past year, he has spearheaded the launch of two new sites, Innerfidelity and Audiostream, both targeted at growing segments in the AV and Photography business. In addition to his publishing duties, Keith also handles advertising accounts for all of our brands.

Ed DiBenedetto
Associate Publisher/Sales, Audio & Video Brands

Ed has been a key member of Sound & Vision Magazine for the last 15 years, and became Associate Publisher in 2009 after successfully maintaining and growing advertising programs for the brand year over year. Ed is also an Account Executive with Stereophile and is involved with the online sales effort across the AVTech Media Americas network of enthusiast web sites.

Rosemarie Torcivia
Sales/Digital Manager, Audio & Video Brands

Rosemarie started with us back in 2006 and is the glue that holds our group together. Rosemarie maintains the advertising operations for our Home Tech Network online properties as well as handling the print advertising operations for Stereophile and Sound & Vision. She has also taken on the role of Trade Show coordinator, Digital Director and everything in between.

Genny Breslin
Ad Sales, Photography Brands

Genny has been serving Shutterbug advertisers for almost 15 years. Currently she is National Accounts Manager, with some smaller clients in other regions. She also represent Shutterbug’s sister publication Petersen’s Digital Photographic Guides and our two annual special issues our Spring Digital How To Guide and our Fall Shutterbug’s Expert Photo Techniques.

During her tenure at Shutterbug, Genny worked as sole Advertising Manager for eDigitalPhoto and represented Shutterbug’s sister publication Outdoor and Nature. Her vast work experience and knowledge has given her invaluable skills in helping Shutterbug advertisers optimize their marketing plans within their budget to best reach their advertising goals.

Jon Iverson

Jon started building websites back in the nineties and helped develop one of the first commercial online content management systems. He created the first website for Stereophile, and as the Home Tech Network assimilated new titles, built sites for Sound & Vision, Shutterbug and others. Before he was a web monkey, Jon owned and operated a high-end audio and video retail business, Audio Ecstasy, in San Luis Obispo, California.

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